Our Initiatives

Since 2012, The Chance Project has passionately devoted its energy to advocating and collaborating for the most needy, disadvantaged and politically underrepresented members of our local, national and global family.

The Chance Project is a leading partner in addressing homelessness in the County of San Bernardino.The Chance Project also currently serves as the lead agency for the multi-agency collaborative known collectively as Pathways Network.


Our Economic Mobility Program helps families move toward financial security and introduces pathways to economic opportunity. Outcomes are improved for at-risk families by addressing underlying social determinants of quality of life.

Family Development

We provide Early Childhood Educators and Family Support Workers with courses to obtain the Family Development Credential, along with continuing education units, to help families to set achievable goals for healthy self-reliance.

Early Childhood education

The Chance Project employs a multi-pronged approach designed to maximize the power of early childhood education and family development.